My Own Chatroom

From: Evan Verworn

Something that I've really wanted was a self-hosted web app built with the specific purpose of chatting with me. I think sircmpwn has been the closest person to nail it, but discord with their no-account-required guest accounts and web link invites also come real close.

I want to be able to have a service that I can link other people to, and they can just join, no account required, and it be a real-time chat room. But every new conversation is viewable and subscribable to me.

Sounds weird in a world where everything is suppose to be e2e encrypted but imagine with me... that when clicked generates a unique url and saves that to localstorage along with your user information. Every time you come back, you'll see all the rooms you've started with an option to start another. If someone else was to visit that link they would just be let in and they could type whatever username they wanted.

And everything would be viewable/moderated by me.

I could have a that I could share with my group of friends who would be coming, it could also expire after the trip. Everyone would get push-notifications whenever someone talked in that group, no one needs to signup to a service just for this camping trip, you just get linked to a chat room and talk.

Private chats would still be available, and whatever you typed would only be available to users/devices in the room you chose. But I don't think I'd go full e2e. I think I'd still have the admin user (me) able to read anything. I just wouldn't want a service I host to be used for illegal purposes that I'm not aware of. It's after all, privacy is not the focus, chatting with evan is.