The IndieWeb is Cool

From: Evan Verworn

I was reading KicksCondor post about the status of Dat.

First, holy hell is that website "out there". Solid unforgettable brutalist look, I just wish you accommodated the screen size better. Not everyone has a touchpad or mouse that supports horizontal scrolling, and sometimes I prefer to read on my phone. Crazy I know. Support the mobile web yo!

But I totally agree with what he's saying and I too have in the past temporarily switched to using Beaker as my primary personal driver, coming to similar conclusions. With the addition of discovering that Dat doesn't work in corporate networks 😞, but IPFS does (showing the importance of having your service mirrored over 443, as a fallback).

But ignoring all that, what I really wanted to talk about was the crazy list at the bottom of the post. All of the WebMentions. These were the things missing in the current implementations of Dat and IPFS. You can't have those. You can't have that natural growing web of discovery. They are protocols based on addressing static content.

I had previously dismissed most of IndieWeb's technical projects as not really contributing or doing much, with the exception of maybe indieauth or web-sign-in.

I found so many cool websites that I want to follow in reading that one post, but then I despaired.

How am I to follow all of these websites. - Foolish Past Evan

The answer is RSS. Duh.

Then I remembered I don't even have that on my own website. Here I am a person who claims that everyone should have their own domain, host their own mail and apparently their own voicemail, but not contribute to or believe in the IndieWeb.

Well consider me embarrassed and impressed, and revisiting my past assumptions. My goal with this website is now to become an example of what I think other people should do. Which is be their own social network host.

btw, the feed now exists